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String Theory Shawls & Scarves


Your Favorite Scarf.


Exceptional comfort

STRING THEORY is contemporary design made to meet the traditional standards of our craft. Our aim is to produce your favourite scarf – the one you wear most and hold onto for a very long time. For this reason we are invested in creating the best quality scarf we can.




Inspired designs

As constructed textile designers, we work with the math and physics of fibres, knitting and weaving yarn to develop structure, pattern and texture. Consequently, we are inspired by natural and man-made patterns and structures.




Traditional crafts

To ensure quality, equity and design integrity, we work closely with our production partners. Our textiles are knit and woven in artisanal mills using top quality yarn and are then hand finished by highly skilled sewers.




Each Scarf Tells A Story.


String Theory designs begin with the beautiful details and happy accidents found in daily life.
With carefully selected yarns we knit and weave these moments into cloth.



The Josef & Anni Shawl

The Josef & Anni Shawl
The Albers were pioneers of modernism. Josef was a painter and Anni a weaver…. Read more



The Gradient Shawl

The Gradient Shawl
The shift from thin to wide and dark to light might recall beautiful transitions of other kinds… Read more



The Big Mess Shawl

The Big Mess Shawl
The bold Big Mess design began with dropping tangled yarn on a scanner… Read more


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